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Best Toy Restoration in Cardiff

Toys can be an extremely rewarding and valuable thing to own, but damage can significantly reduce the value of your piece. Transformers Restoration Wales is my own business in Cardiff. I specialise in restoring a range of old Generation One toys back to their original best by using delicate techniques to clean, repair breaks and embellish original colour from the toy. If you have a toy that requires restoration contact me through our booking form today.

Restoration of Old Toys

One of the most in-demand services I offer is the cleaning and restoration of old works. Sometimes customers come to me with pieces that have been left in loft spaces to gather dust and fade. If you've got an old G1 toy that hasn't been properly cared for, it’s always a good idea to get an expert’s hand on it. I can use a range of modern treatments and applications to carefully restore the piece back to its former glory.

Traditional Methods and Modern Techniques

I have been restoring my own Collection and and a few friends figures for about about 2 year's. All the pictures you see here is my own work. I can use a series of traditional methods as well as modern techniques to combat the effects of tobacco stains, sunlight, grime, or dust buildup. Toy restoration is a job always best left to the experts, otherwise the piece may be further damaged.


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